If you need a volunteer

Is your organisation looking for volunteers?

Communities 1st friendly Volunteer Centre team are the people to talk to.  We can help you select, recruit and retain volunteers.

Organisations can share their vacancies with us and we will add them to our database for volunteer interviews, as well as putting the opportunity on our website and the national Do-It.org website.

Register your volunteering opportunity Click Here


What are the benefits of involving volunteers in your organisation?

  • Volunteers provide a diverse pool of experience
  • Volunteers help an organisation to achieve its aims and achieve a level of service that could not otherwise be provided
  • Volunteers give organisations a wider range of skills to utilise
  • Having volunteers can make an organisation more welcoming for service users and more reflective of your local community


How will my opportunities be promoted?

To advertise an opportunity with us, we ask all organisations to become members.

Once the opportunity is registered on our system, we will then give potential volunteers your contact details.  One of our volunteer interviewers will arrange an appointment for the potential volunteers to meet with you.

Opportunities will be promoted via our website and social media sites including twitter and facebook, on our information boards at a variety of Community Hertsmere locations and on Do-It.org.

You can submit a volunteering opportunity online by logging in to the members section and completing the opportunity registration form Click Here


What is Do-It ?

Do-It is the national volunteering website which shows volunteering opportunities for areas all over the country. Volunteer Centres receive information on current volunteering opportunities from local charities that need volunteers. The Volunteer Centres then have these opportunities on their system, and can advertise them on Do-It too, by uploading to the website using special software called “VBase”. People who wish to volunteer can search Do-It for the vacancies in their area, and either contact the volunteer centre to find out more about the opportunity, or apply for the opportunity online.


Good Practice Support, Guides and Policies

We offer advice and information on good practice when working with and selecting volunteers as well as a range of Good Practice Guides and Volunteering Policies, for use by anyone who has, or is considering having, volunteers. They may be used either as a template for your own policies, or as a point of reference whenever they are needed.